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Strong equine health is precondition for an active partnership between humans and horses. Horse owners are responsible for appropriate health management of their horses, implying familiarity with animal protection and welfare issues not only since the public discussion about animal husbandry has intensified. Stabling, feeding and management is driven by avoiding any interference with the health of the equine partner in sport and leisure activities. In case of disease, early presentation to an experienced veterinary practioner benefits convalescence.

Health is also integral part of the breeding programs for horses, so genetic selection can contribute to decreasing prevalences of diseases.
However, targeted improvement is dependent on a good information basis, which is actually lacking for equine health in the vast majority of cases. Scientific studies have shown the relevant genetic determination of diseases that could be used in horse breeding. Current research focusses on the extended and improved recording and use of equine health data (health phenotypes), providing the basis for increased genetic gain in the breeding goal trait health.

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