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Phenotype data in the 21st century

Since the early days of horse keeping and breeding, humans need to recognize individual characteristics of horses and to consider them somehow. For a long time horse breeders are systematically recording and using information on traits related to the specific breeding goal. Conformation traits play some role in almost all breeds and types of horses; regarding performance traits, main focus in the riding horse is on the two major sport disciplines, dressage and show jumping.

With the continuing progress in animal breeding, we are today in a position that earlier and more reliable predictions of genetic dispositions become feasible. However, related to that, data requirements have increased, because reliable predictions require reliable data as basis. Trait information (phenotypes) recorded in horses of varying age, in various context and in heterogeneous manner, must be of utmost quality - today more than ever. Only then it will be possible to make best use of the latest knowledge and procedures to improve breeding, keeping, health and welfare of our horses.

Information on and understanding of the sometimes complex practices are important preconditions for the support by horse breeders and keepers we wish to have for this development. In the sections of this website you will therefore find facts about different kinds of horse data, their possible use and the potential of their use.

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